"Soma therapy with Anita Smith has been a powerful and rejuvenating experience for both my body and spirit. Anita is a gifted therapist who has spent hours working with me, changing my body and making me realize how strongly the physical body is connected to the mind and to our perceptions of our life experiences. I first sought treatment from Anita for a neck injury that was becoming chronic related to a bike crash, years of rock climbing and scoliosis. I viewed this therapy not only as a way to help heal my neck, but also as a 100,000 mile tune up on an athletic body that had been well used. Soma therapy changed me in ways that I never expected and continues to have a positive effect even though our ten sessions were completed months ago. Soma therapy works to realign the deep tissues and fascia of the body, and helps the body to move and function in the most ideal manner possible. Areas of the body that are blocked due to physical injury, emotional trauma and lifetime patterns can affect all other areas of the body in a negative way. Anita helps to integrate all parts of the body, mind and emotions through her powerful work. Some of the changes I have noticed are less pain, much better alignment and symmetry of my body (I grew an inch!), a sense of peace and calm, better relationships with the people close to me, more flexibility, less numbness and tingling in my hands, improved ability to cope with stress, good strength and energy for sports, and just an improved sense of well being. I would highly recommend Soma therapy with Anita Smith for any person interested in caring for his or her body, healing injuries, changing life long patterns, and being willing to grow as a person."​

​​Cris Ann Crysdale, RN 

"I can't imagine that anybody would know how to perform muscular and fascial integration better than Anita does. And the SOMA tech-nique, which includes psychological change along with the skeletal change, was a bonus I wasn't expecting."​

Karen Bell  
Durango, CO

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"I have always been an active person using my body for physical work as well as recreation: bike riding, skiing (alpine and X country), running, and hiking. I was beginning to experience some discomfort in my lower back, hips, and knees the last several years after long bike rides or hikes. I had my first appointment with Anita for a SOMA treatment about a year ago. After that first session, I noticed a marked difference, i.e. no more discomfort in any of the above mentioned areas. I was totally sold and have continued through all the sessions. I feel more structurally sound and believe my posture is greatly improved. I plan on continuing with Anita for "tune ups" as necessary."

"I want to add that I practice yoga regularly and see a chiropractor on a continuing basis and that also, I am 70 years old and I plan on continuing my active life style as long as I possibly can, hopefully into my 80s and 90s."

Peace, Ed Lehner 

Durango, CO

"I can't imagine that anybody would know how to perform muscular and fascial integration better than Anita does. And the SOMA tech-nique, which includes psychological change along with the skeletal change, was a bonus I wasn't expecting."​

Karen Bell  
Durango, CO

"I have known Anita's work from personal experience and from the positive changes that I have been seeing in my orthodontic patients who are treated by her. In a powerful way Anita's work enhances and accelerates improvements that the orthodontic treatment creates in the patient's mouth and face. Her body work addresses all layers of health and being, while her experience and own inner beauty safely guides the patient through this process. Thank you for your wonderful contributions, Anita!"

Ljuba Lemke, DMD, ND, PhD

Testimonials About Anita's Work

"After my session with Anita Smith I had a profound shift in how I carried myself. Anita's knowledge is vast and her tissue manipulation through SOMA bodywork brought a great improvement in my breath capacity. Anita's work corrected my stance allowing for an easy and full breath. I appreciate Anita for her knowledge, skill and insight." ​

Fred Boshardt 
Mancos, CO

"I had never heard of SOMA Bodywork, until I met Anita Smith. She was referred to me by my personal trainer at the time. Anita opened up a new door for healing the body, mind, and spirit. Through her integrated bodywork, I gained physical and mental strength and awareness. I was able to let go of old habits and patterns, and release a lot of my aches and pains I was carrying around. I felt more energized, and healthier after my sessions. I would highly recommend Anita to anyone seeking a transformation, to feel better, and live a healthier life. Thank you, Anita!"

Jean Gruber  
Durango, CO

"This is my second SOMA experience with Anita. The first round was four years ago and I made great progress. This second experience, however, has been a real life line. It has opened the cells of my body to release locked up emotions and beliefs that no longer serve me. I am truly thrilled with the comfortable alignment my physical body is attaining, as well as the opening of my heart and mind to accept a new way of being. I, fervently, recommend Anita Smith, SOMA Practitioner, to anyone who wishes to improve their well being."

Janice S.  
Durango, CO

"In the thirty plus years I've received body work, I have never experienced a more intelligent, sensitive, intuitive, knowledgeable, caring treatment than that offered by Anita Smith. She knew my body better than I did! What amazes me most about Anita's work, aside from her expert technique, is her ability to target deep patterns of holding and encourage release of tension -- physical, emotional and spiritual. How fortunate we are to have amongst us such a blessed spirit who strives to give us the tools to complete ourselves. Kudos to Anita!!!!!!!!!!"

Fern Ellis
Singer/Musician/ Qigong Tai Chi and Pilates Instructor​

"Anita’s SOMA sessions are incredible! After completing the 10 part structural integration series, I experienced more ease in my body and significant improvements in my alignment and posture. Her wealth of knowledge and experience combined with her positive and delightful personality produces a valuable treatment process for lasting change and transformation. I highly recommend both her SOMA and cranial sacral sessions!"​

Donna Murray, Body and Soul Healing  
Durango, CO

"I have been getting body work and massage therapy for 32 years and I have never encountered anyone as knowledgeable and skillful as Anita Smith. Anita has an uncanny ability to get to evaluate imbalances within the body and reach the source of the imbalance. With Anita’s help I was able to play competitive softball at a very high level until I was 39 years old. I highly recommend her."​

Keith Halpern, CEO
Hollywood, FL

"Since health and wellness is vital to living a life of prosperity, all last week we looked at some ways to achieve optimal wellness.  There are a few more topics worth looking at, so the series continues. Now let’s explore a healing practice that actually kept me out of a wheelchair.  I’m talking about structural alignment, specifically Rolfing and Soma Therapy."   Read More...

Randy Gage
New York Times Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker

"I have literally worked with both personally and professionally, hundreds of body workers. They don't even come close to the experience, wisdom and touch that Anita possesses. Each session with her transforms you both physically and mentally and you can literally see and feel the difference by the end of the treatment. Anita has resolved my chronic issues with a frozen shoulder and right hip pattern as well as worked on me acutely after a particularly traumatic and painful dental procedure where even the heaviest narcotics weren't touching my pain where her expert hands did! I have referred dozens of clients to her over the years---all with rave reviews! She's brilliant, intuitive and compassionate and helps unravel the crazy patterns we carry within our bodies and being."

Nasha Winters
Natropathic Doctor & Practitioner of Oriental Medicine 
Durango, CO