Growing up under the warm south Florida sun as a sixth generation Floridian, wearing only shorts, climbing trees, riding bikes and playing all sorts of games in the street, supported my essential passion, movement. Being able to move with ease and strength to participate in all the activities I loved as a child, young person and adult, from play to sports, dance, hiking, and on to raising a family with two active sons, has been my gift and my joy.

I have been a teacher of health and wellness since 1967 when I taught my first exercise class at the Miami Health Studio while a student at Miami Dade Community College. After graduating from Florida State University, I taught junior and senior high school Physical Education before becoming a co-owner of one of the first Nautilus gym's in the country in 1973. 

Initiating personal training and rehabilitation with the Nautilus method, developed by Arthur Jones, inspired me to write a prospectus for a Master's Degree based on women and weight training with Nautilus equipment in 1975. This was completed while in a post graduate program for Motor Learning.

With this rich background in the science of movement, in 1979, I began a career in touch therapy with massage and the treatment of athletic injury. However, it was the personal experience of profound change in my own physical structure and emotional awareness through Soma Neuromuscular Integration™, that set the course for my career of the past 38 years. Studying Soma Neuromuscular Integration™, based on the Rolf Method of Structural Integration since 1981, and including the profound work of John Upledger's CranioSacral therapy since 1987, has offered me the opportunity to support individual's through a transformational whole body, whole being experience.

About Anita Smith

My passion is movement

Helping others to discover, unlock or heal blocks to the experience that their vehicle's, their bodies, offer them for the full experience and expression of life, never diminishes. I consider it a privilege to be invited to assist someone through this avenue of self discovery. Currently, I am a certified Advanced Soma Practitioner, licensed Massage Therapist, have studied through the Advanced levels of CranioSacral Therapy, and hold certificates as a DanceKinetics Instructor, Complete Self Attunement practitioner (a meditative process), and a licensed teacher and workshop facilitator of the work of Louise L. Hay and The Passion Test. I maintain practices with humor and compassion in Miami, Florida and Durango, Colorado.

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