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Excerpt - Chapter 1

The Beginning of the Beginning!
"How was your trip?" Chris asked.
"It was absolutely the best and most amazing experience of my entire life." Janet replied. "What happened?" A perplexed expression came over her face.

"I must be flippin' crazy!" she said. "I got so sick I could hardly move out of bed for a week. I fell off a mountain and almost got killed. I practically froze to death in the Himalayas, got kicked by a donkey and had to travel by myself in India, something I swore I'd never do."

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The Passion Test!

The Passion Test

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​Following your passions is no longer a luxury. In a flat world, it has become a necessity. The good news is, The Passion Test is the simple, powerful way to discover your passions and align your life with what matters most to you, starting now.

What People Say

"Working with Anita was so nourishing. I continually felt gifted by her love and her ability to channel that vibration into bringing out and energizing my passions in a way that deeply resonates with my soul. Anita's gift in seeing, listening and mirroring in a clear and vibrant way took my understanding and ownership of my passions to a much deeper level."

- Pieter V. Durango, CO

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