Excerpt - Chapter 1

The Beginning of the Beginning!
"How was your trip?" Chris asked.
"It was absolutely the best and most amazing experience of my entire life." Janet replied. "What happened?" A perplexed expression came over her face.

"I must be flippin' crazy!" she said. "I got so sick I could hardly move out of bed for a week. I fell off a mountain and almost got killed. I practically froze to death in the Himalayas, got kicked by a donkey and had to travel by myself in India, something I swore I'd never do."

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"Working with Anita was so nourishing. I continually felt gifted by her love and her ability to channel that vibration into bringing out and energizing my passions in a way that deeply resonates with my soul. Anita's gift in seeing, listening and mirroring in a clear and vibrant way took my understanding and ownership of my passions to a much deeper level."

- Pieter V. Durango, CO

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